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Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth

Have you received your child's MAP Growth Results and wondering how to interpret it?
Just received your child's results? 1-Minute Overview 
Watch this tutorial video from Educational Services entitled Understanding Your Child's MAP Growth Report
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Dear Parent/Guardian(s):


During spring 2021, Redondo Beach Unified School District administered the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth assessments in Reading and Mathematics to students in grades K through 11. This week, families should be receiving a letter in the mail detailing their student’s MAP growth test results. In addition to receiving your child’s raw data scores, you will be provided an explanation of the data and resources to learn more.


Spring 2021 represents your child’s first encounter with a norm-referenced benchmark assessment.  An assessment like this becomes more reliable and informative over time because the aim is to measure academic growth.  This benchmark will be re-administered in the fall when students return, and continue three times annually.


Any assessment is a snapshot of student learning at one moment in time, and cannot capture the whole picture of what a child knows and is able to do.  On any given particular day, an assessment might be impacted by factors such as sleep, hunger, familiarity with the program, and comfort with technology. These factors should be taken into consideration when considering how a student is academically progressing.   


Parents and families should expect to receive a student data letter with the following data points:


  •       RIT Score - The RIT score measures the amount of academic difficulty in the questions presented to your student. The higher the score, the more rigorous the questions.
  •       Percentile Level – This is your student’s “achievement” percentile ranking compared to students who took MAP Growth in the same grade level across the United States. Important to note: percentile is not the same as percentage.
  •       Lexile Level – Lexile measures a reader’s ability. As your child’s Lexile grows, they are ready to tackle more complex text. For more information on Lexile and Quantile levels, go to
  •       Quantile Level – This measure represents the math skills and concepts your child is ready to learn. For more information on Lexile and Quantile levels, go to
  •      And coming this fall with subsequent administrations: Conditional Growth Percentile (CGP) - This is your students “growth” percentile ranking compared to students in the same grade level across the United States. This data will appear once students have scores from additional assessments.


For more information about the MAP Growth assessment and understanding your student’s data, visit our website here and check out our “Understanding Your Child’s MAP Growth Report” video to learn more. *Please contact your child’s school for any questions regarding missing assessment results.


We look forward to your child’s return to school in the fall and using MAP Growth as an additional measure to support the learning of all students.


Susan Wildes, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services