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Dear RBUSD Families,


Happy 2023! The New Year reminds me of a Japanese concept, Ikigai, which I learned from a former student. It means your reason for being. In Japanese, ‘Iki’ means ‘life’ and ‘gai’ describes one’s value or worth. Ikigai is what brings one joy, life purpose, and the inspiration to get out of bed each day. The good news, according to the Japanese, is we all have Ikigai. For some, it takes some soul searching to find it, while for others it comes easily.


As we begin a new year and continue our current school year, let us take time to reflect on our purpose and meaning as members of the RBUSD school community. Team RBUSD is committed to elevating our students’ academic progress and social emotional wellbeing. Simply put, we want all students to thrive both in and out of the classroom and enjoy their experience while they journey through this amazing school district. To this end, your partnership is vital. We all have the ability to make a positive impact on our students, each other, and our community members. By working together, assuming positive intent, communicating clearly, and being kind to each other (even during difficult times), we can provide a better experience for our students. As individuals (and under Dr. Keller’s leadership), we have collectively created a school community that is thriving. Let us keep the momentum going in 2023!


Prior to the winter break, I had an opportunity to attend some PTA meetings at school sites. I also had an opportunity to speak to students, which has been a personal highlight as I begin this new position. I will continue my visits with parents/guardians at PTA meetings and connect with many more students. I look forward to seeing you, hearing from you, and being present with you.  Being a part of the RBUSD community is my Ikigai. I hope it is yours, too.




Nikki Wesley

Your Superintendent



Dr. Nicole Wesley
Dr. Nicole Wesley
Superintendent of Schools

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