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Indeed, it is true—the Redondo Beach Unified School District has an Instagram account! Please follow us at @ redondobeachusd. You may ask, “Why are you doing this now?” The straight answer is, “Why not!” In my position, I hear from plenty of parents, staff members, even children requesting something. In the last five years, I have been approached maybe six or seven times about embracing a social media presence. Understandably, the folks asking for a RBUSD social media account are typically, folks who secure most of their daily information via their own various social media sites.


Our content will be positive, thought provoking and focused on all-things RBUSD. We are proud of our educational successes. We want you to see more of them as well as remind you why you are either paying so much in rent or paying so much in your mortgage to live in Redondo Beach—to have your children attend the finest school district around. Please share these posts, too, with your friends and family. Heck, have them follow us as well!


Outside of RBUSD’s new Instagram account, as I have said for the last several years, I encourage anyone reading this message to remember this—social-media posts do not always accurately report the facts. This is something I have experienced personally; sometimes parents reach out to us with incredibly embellished or completely erroneous information they gleaned from a social media site. Please, always embrace a little skepticism regarding social media reporting. My team and I have spent unnecessary time chasing concerns that didn’t exist. Thank you for allowing me to share this paragraph with you once more.


Just a few years ago, RBUSD conducted a parent communication survey. What we learned is that our parents appreciate the traditional communication approaches like phone calls, texts, emails and providing an information-rich website. Now, we will add the social media component.


We hope you will follow us. We are developing engaging content from each of our school sites and elsewhere. I want to thank Dr. Bruna, Tulita’s excellent principal, and Derek Kinsey, our outstanding chief technology officer, for their assistance with this new platform. Yes, it’s true—they are both younger than me and lean in to social media better than I do.


One more reminder: please follow us on Instagram @redondobeachusd!


Steven Keller, Ed.D.
Proud Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Steven E. Keller
Superintendent of Schools

Ricardo Gallegos

(310) 379-5449 Ext.# 1272