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Model Life-Long Health


Physical fitness, like learning, should be life-long. We begin teaching students reading, writing, and math skills at an early age; why not make physical fitness a part of that fundamental knowledge base? Health is not impacted by a large, holiday meal or a lazy Saturday afternoon; it is a total cumulative effort of positive life practices. Schools play a large role in modeling this healthy lifestyle, and at RBUSD, we are committed to assisting children make the correct choices about their wellbeing. Our teachers and support staff are dedicated to meeting California State Standards for Physical Fitness and creating fresh perspectives on total welfare.

As an adult, I have maintained a daily exercise regime, regular doctor and dentist visits, a diet rich in vegetables and fruit, and instilled a regulated sleep schedule for many years. This has greatly enhanced my quality of life and my productivity at work. Despite a sometimes strenuous workday, I am committed to the prospect of such fitness standards. By continuing to practice positive habits, I have contributed to modeling life-long health to those around me. This is the expectation that I share with my family and my staff.

RBUSD continues this effort through partnering with Beach Cities Health District to further this message though programs such as LiveWell Kids. The objectives of these programs include:

  • Nutrition education
  • Garden education
  • Locally grown fresh fruits/vegetables
  • Parent Education
  • BMI assessment/reporting
  • Physical activities – morning exercises/walking to school

It is our hope that the community of Redondo Beach will support our practices and continue these healthy efforts at home. There are many ways to make lifestyle choices that will be inclusive for all family members and therefore, something permanent and lasting.


Steven Keller, Ed.D.
Proud Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Steven E. Keller
Superintendent of Schools

Ricardo Gallegos

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