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The 2018–2019 school year is in full gear now. It’s time to share some great news.

In the 2018 California Healthy Kids Survey, 92 percent of our students surveyed stated that “there is a teacher or someone (at my school) who cares about me.” In addition, 95 percent of our students surveyed stated they “feel connected to school.” This information is powerful for two reasons. First, our Redondo Beach Unified School District (RBUSD) staff members genuinely care about the students we serve. Second, school connectedness is one of the most important variables in a student’s academic success, not to mention his or her social-emotional well-being. This data speaks volumes.

Over the past two years, the RBUSD has installed nearly 250 classroom cooling systems. What’s most amazing is that our Board of Education approved a three-phase classroom cooling plan just 18 months ago. We have already completed phases one and two! This means that the RBUSD is on its way to being the first South Bay school district to equip every classroom with energy-efficient cooling. Talk to any teacher experiencing these cooler classrooms on hot days, and they will tell you learning and student engagement are enhanced. Please note that because the RBUSD has experienced growth, the state is providing us with matching bond dollars, which will likely offset the current and future classroom cooling installation costs.

If you have yet to see the five new classrooms at Redondo Union High School (RUHS), you have to take a peek. They are truly stunning classrooms. The natural lighting, the impressive technology, and the new dynamic furniture create a model of what the future holds for teaching and learning.

Speaking of RUHS, the A–G graduating class completion rate is 66 percent. The A–G completion rate essentially highlights our students’ four-year college readiness. Although we do not yet have statistics for the class of 2018, we believe this percentage will continue to rise.

Regarding our 2018 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) data, elementary and middle school student achievement continues to climb in the RBUSD. Approximately 77 percent of our students met or exceeded standards in English language arts and 72 percent in math. This is indeed impressive.

Perhaps the most impressive data, which has received plenty of television, print, and online press, is the Body Mass Index (BMI) decrease in our students. In 2007, about 20 percent of our students had an elevated BMI rating. In 2018, this number dropped to a remarkable 6.4 percent. This data has directly challenged the national and statewide obesity trends. The bottom line is that plenty of school districts talk about educating the whole child, whereas in the RBUSD, we do the heavy lifting to make it happen. With the support of the Beach Cities Health District, Team RBUSD’s relentless focus on the social, emotional, and physical well-being of each and every student is emphasized in this remarkable data.

Finally, what truly measures our success is the fact there are more and more parents with young children moving to Redondo Beach. Also, we continue to receive plenty of requests for permits into our district. In spite of a declining percentage of students on permits over the last several years, our enrollment has increased from 8,074 in 2008 to 10,080 currently. The strong brand that is the RBUSD is obviously a magnet, and folks are moving into the city to become a part of our success. What a great problem to have!

The outcomes and data above highlight the facts—the RBUSD is thriving, and we couldn’t realize these successes without your support. Thank you!

Steven Keller, Ed.D.
Proud Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Steven E. Keller
Superintendent of Schools

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