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Good to Great 
Over a decade ago, the Redondo Beach Unified School District presented a theme to the community. The continued and constant Good to Great message was joined by the addition of the flywheel concept: “No matter how dramatic the end result, the good-to great transformation never happened in one fell swoop…rather, the process resembled relentlessly pushing a giant heavy flywheel in one direction, turn upon turn, building momentum until a point of breakthrough, and beyond” (Good to Great, Jim Collins). This flywheel became a metaphor for the continued urgency that RBUSD has to push education forward through partnering with members of the larger community. This is indeed when the magic begins.
RBUSD—now a district of approximately 10,000 students—continues to boast an incredibly diverse population and is committed to ensuring student and staff safety; promoting excellence in teaching and learning; meeting the social, emotional and physical needs of all students; maintaining high academic expectations for all students; enhancing partnerships with the larger community; and modernizing school facilities to provide model learning environments and athletic/community facilities. In addition to these district goals, RBUSD also uses several measures to track progress. While state testing results are certainly important, there are also other measures used to assess the achievement of the district, such as CA Dashboard, Advanced Placement, California Healthy Kids Survey, California Physical Fitness Test, student attendance and the A-G high school completion rates. These alternative methods to evaluate the educational program at RBUSD assists with determining how to better meet the needs of the whole child.

Magic of Community

Redondo Beach’s culture is to share in the educational influence of its youth and, thus, the magic of the community reaches to each citizen. The community must participate to assist in creating unique individuals who will reinforce positive awareness of the city and its schools. Through partnering with the City of Redondo Beach and its police department, Beach Cities Health District, LA Kings, and Sharefest, RBUSD is already creating a larger support system for its students that are beyond the boundaries of a school site. The district also invites the blurring of the school zone by inviting citizens to contribute through the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation (RBEF), a partnership with individuals, community businesses and corporations that seeks to provide the additional funding and resources needed to enhance the educational experience of all RBUSD children; and through Parent Teacher Association (PTA), an organization to provide leadership and teaming opportunities with school-site staff.
There are several opportunities to become involved in the enchantment of Redondo Beach schools. Please, help to continue to make GREAT magic happen in RBUSD and the larger Redondo Beach community.
Steven Keller, Ed.D.
Proud Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Steven E. Keller
Superintendent of Schools

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