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Employee Benefits


Redondo Beach Unified School District offers the following health and welfare benefits to all eligible employees. Our goal is to educate and keep you informed so that you may utilize the plan benefits to its fullest potential.


Blue Shield of California – Access+ HMO

Group#: W0002956 / Member Services phone #: (888)256-1915


Choosing a Personal Physician is one of the keys to using an HMO plan. Except for emergencies and urgent care received outside of their Personal Physician’s service area, members of an HMO plan must access covered services through a network of physicians and facilities as directed by their Personal Physician. HMO plans maybe a good choice and offers a cost-efficient way to maintain your health care if you and your family go to the doctor often. You simply pay a fixed copayment each time you visit your Personal Physician. Please review the plan description for information on co-pays for hospitalization.

For complete details about this plan, please refer to the Blue Shield Evidence of Coverage.

Blue Shield- Website

Blue Shield HMO Save Net Doctor Search

Blue Shield HMO Doctor Search

Blue Shield PPO

Group#: W0002956 / Member Services phone#: (888)256-1915


With PPO plans, you may select any physicians and hospitals within the plan’s network, as well as out of the network. If maintaining a relationship with your current doctor is important to you, selecting a PPO plan will give you the freedom to continue seeing your current doctor, even if your doctor isn’t part of the plan’s provider network.

Please remember if your physician is not part of the plan’s PPO network, you will have to pay more for each visit.

For complete details about this plan, please refer to the Blue Shield Evidence of Coverage 

Blue Shield PPO Doctor Search


Group#: 228966 / Member Services phone#: 800-464-4000


With the Kaiser traditional HMO plan, there are no deductibles or percentages to figure out. You can choose to receive care at any of their medical facilities or from their affiliated physicians, depending on where you live. “My Health Manager” is a one-stop online resource that makes managing your health easier and more convenient. Use it 24 hours, seven days a week. My Health Manager allows you to e-mail your doctor’s office, view most test results, make appointments and much more.


 For escalated issues, please contact:

Kaiser Member Services (800) 464-4000 


Kaiser PermanenteWebsite

Delta Dental – PPO

Group#: 6783 / Member Services phone#: 800-765-6003


The Delta Dental PPO program allows you the freedom to visit any licensed dentist, including a dentist from our Delta Dental Premier indemnity network. However, there are advantages to visiting a Delta Dental PPO network dentist instead of a Premier or non-Delta Dental dentist. Plan details are listed in their Summary of Benefits.


Delta Dental - Website 

Delta Care USA – HMO

Group#: 1691 / Member Services phone#: 800-422-4234


Delta Care USA – HMO provides you and your family with quality dental benefits at an affordable cost. There are no deductibles and out-of-pocket costs are clearly defined in their Summary of Benefits.


 Delta Care USA  - Website

Vision Service Plan - Choice Plan

Group#: 12335750 / Member Services phone#: 800-877-7195


Keep your eyes healthy with Vision Service Plan (VSP).  VSP allows you to have an annual eye exam with a $5 co-pay. Lenses are allowed every 12 months, and frames are allowed every 24 months.  Contact benefits are also available. Plan details are listed in their Summary of Benefits.


 VSP - Website

 Lincoln Financial Group

Group#: RBUSD / Member Services phone#: 800-423-2765

Life Insurance and AD&D is provided for benefit eligible working employees in a group term life policy. Supplemental life insurance is available.

Long term disability is provided for benefit eligible employees. Monthly benefit is 60% of your average salary. Approved disability benefits will become effective on the 91st day of being disabled.  Refer to Lincoln Financial LTD Summary for more details.