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About the Board

The Board of Education is the elected body charged with governing your school district. Board members serve four-year terms. By law, the Board is responsible for the education of all children in preschool, kindergarten through grade twelve and adult school. The Board's actions, which must conform to Federal, State, and County laws, set policy and give direction to the staff on instructional programs, financial decisions and collective bargaining. The District staff, headed by the Superintendent of Schools, carries out the policies and actions of the Board.

Board Meetings:

The Board of Education hold its regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, with the exception of the months of July, August and December, when only one regular meeting is held. These meetings are open, and the public is welcome to attend. Anyone wishing to address the board regarding an agenda item or any other business is asked to complete a special card which is available at the reception table outside the meeting room. All meetings will be held in the Board Room of the Redondo Beach Unified School District, 1401 Inglewood Avenue, Redondo Beach with open session beginning at 6:00 pm, unless otherwise stated.

Correspondence to the Board:

The Board receives a packet (correspondence, invitations, written complaints, notices, announcements, etc.) from the public via the superintendent's office each Friday. All incoming mail is unread, date stamped and put in a pending file and sent to board members on Fridays. Please allow enough time (preferably 10 (ten) days before the event, etc) for the board to receive the dated information.


Please contact Ricardo Gallegos for administrative assistance regarding the Board of Education's schedule, meeting agendas, minutes and general inquiries.


(310) 379-5449 Ext.# 1272