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General Complaints

The Redondo Beach Unified School District exists to provide the best educational program and learning environment possible for all students entrusted to its care. To that end, the District welcomes constructive criticism of policies, programs, or operational decisions in order to improve its efforts and be responsive to its clients. It is the intent of the Redondo Beach Unified School District that matters giving rise to a complaint be addressed first on an informal basis and at the level closest to the situation. If a complaint by a parent requires a review and changing of a student’s written record, including the student’s grade(s), this policy shall be superseded by the protocol spelled out in Education Code Sections 49070 and 49071. If confidentiality is a concern, every effort shall be made, but cannot be guaranteed, to respect the wishes of the complainant, without compromising the rights of all other parties involved. In the interest of protecting the rights of anyone seeking resolution to a complaint, no harassment or retaliation of any kind against a student, parent/guardian, or community member shall occur because a complaint was filed.

RBUSD Communications Guidelines