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Application Process FAQ

How do I include attachments - can I just mail them to you?
We receive hundreds of new applications each day. Because of this, we do not accept mailed, e-mailed, or faxed attachments for addition to your electronic application. In order to include attachments, you will need to scan your documents and save them to a file you can access. NOTE: Attachments must have one of the following extensions (.txt, .rtf, .pdf, .jpg). Open your EdJoin applicant account and go to “My EdJoin" and then select "Check the Status of My Applications." To add attachments to a specific application, click on the paperclip after the job title. You can add attachments to your application even if the posting has closed. You may add up 12 MB of attachments (resume, letters of recommendation, etc.). To add an attachment to your application, click "Browse" to find the file on your hard drive or disk. Then select from the drop-down menu the option that most closely matches the type of attachment added. When you've found the file then click ADD wait for the file to be uploaded to your ED-JOIN application.

My attachments are too big to attach (over 150kb). How can I make them smaller? (this hasn't been an issue since EdJoin changed the attachment features for job seekers - it remains on this page just in case!)
Scan your file as a "jpg", and then open using a photo editing program (Imaging, Paint, PhotoShop, etc.). Resize the file (there should be an option on the toolbar/file menu that will resize the photo). Resave the file and then attach this smaller file.

Graphics consume a great deal of space when scanned. If your letters of recommendations contain graphics, you may want to consider scanning them without the letterhead graphics.

Prior to scanning, photocopy the document, lightening and/or lowering the "grayscale." Copy the copy, repeatedly lightening and/or lowering the "grayscale." This helps reduce the heavy watermarks that are problematic when scanning transcripts.

Lower the "grayscale" while scanning or copying will reduce file size.

What if I don't have a scanner - can I just mail them to you?
Access to a scanner may be found at various locations. Please check with the public library and stores such as Kinkos to complete this process. Once you have your scanned materials on your computer of saved to a disk, you have the ability to upload it to your EdJoin profile for future job searches or directly to any current applications.

I'm having problems getting my documents to attach, can I just mail them to you?
No, please click here for EdJoin Tips and Tricks
What happens if I've already applied and need to change something in my application?
You may go back into your application through EdJoin and update your information at any time. Some of these changes will appear to us as "edits" to your original application (phone numbers, address, etc.). However for significant changes to your profile, you must first remove your RBUSD application and reapply after you have made your changes in EdJoin. This can only be done if the position is still open. If the position is closed and you remove it - you cannot add your updated information. Attachments containing outdated information may be deleted from a specific application and new attachments included only while the posting is open.