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COVID-19 Communication to Families

January 2024


Dear District Families:


Happy New Year.  While the declaration of a health emergency due to COVID-19 ended Last spring, you simply have to watch the local news to know that COVID-19 does still exist in the community, state, and nation. We are writing to you today to inform you of the updated protocols in place. 


What to do if…


Your child has COVID-19 symptoms:


People with symptoms of possible COVID-19 infection should wear a mask, stay home and away from others, and test for COVID-19. Those who test negative using an antigen test but continue having COVID-19 symptoms should continue to isolate and test again 48 hours later.


Your child tests positive for COVID-19:


  1. Isolate (Stay Home)

Keep your child home and away from others if symptomatic and/or with fever.

Isolation can end when both of the following criteria are met:

  • Have not had a fever for 24 hours without taking medication that reduces fevers AND
  • Other symptoms are not present or are mild and improving.


  • LACDPH recommends that an individual test negative prior to ending isolation


  1. Mask
    • If your child needs to be in the same room as others, make sure they wear a well-fitting mask.
    • Students who meet criteria to end isolation shall wear a mask around others for 10 days from symptom onset.
    • Those with COVID-19 and no symptoms shall wear a mask around others for 10 days from the day they first tested positive.
    • Masks can be removed sooner if the individual obtains two sequential negative tests taken at least one day apart.


Your child is exposed to someone infected with COVID-19:


Students who are exposed to someone with COVID-19 do not need to stay home away from others. Per LACDPH guidelines students should:

  •   Monitor for COVID symptoms for 10 days after exposure
  •   Test day 3-5 after exposure or if symptoms develop
  •   Wear a mask for 10 days 


As a reminder, at-home COVID antigen test kits are available in your child(ren)’s school office.  Most at-home tests can be safely used past the expiration date listed on the box. Check the FDA’s At-Home COVID-19 Test page to see if the expiration date of your test kit has been extended.


The information in this letter can also be accessed on the school district’s website at: www.rbusd.org and clicking on the COVID-19 drop-down menu.




Carmen Dawson, Catherine Gaillard, Deanna Sears

RBUSD District Nurses