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5th Grade Band


Dear 5th Grade Parents/Guardians:

Welcome! We are excited to share that the elementary band program will continue thanks to the generous, continuous support of the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation (RBEF). The 5th grade band teachers are Mrs. Yvonne Zoetewey and Mr. Eric Buchen. They are a traveling team, visiting each school site twice each week to provide high quality music instruction. By working together, they are able to focus on specific instruments in smaller groups, giving students more focused attention and instruction.

Band Sign-up
District Instrument Loan Request due Friday, September 15

Should you have any questions regarding the 5
the grade band program, please contact:

Mrs. Zoetewey yzoetewey@rbusd.org

Mr. Buchen ebuchen@rbusd.org

Have a wonderful school year!

Coffee Concerts, Winter 2018

RBUSD Honor Band Concert, Spring 2018

End of the Year Concerts

Once you decide which instrument you want to play you will need to rent or purchase the instrument for your child. It is very important to obtain a quality instrument in good working condition in order for your child to be successful and enjoy their band experience. Below are Frequently Asked Questions regarding purchasing a quality instrument and participation in the Redondo Beach Unified School District Band Program.

Is it better to rent or purchase my child’s band instrument?

Many music stores will apply the money (or a percentage of the money) you’ve paid in rental fees towards the purchase of a band instrument. Renting an instrument first is a good way to provide your child with a quality instrument without spending lots of money to purchase an instrument your child may not play for more than one year.

How do I know if an instrument is a quality instrument?

The following brands of instruments have consistently made quality instruments and are used in school bands throughout the country. We recommend the following brands: Yamaha, Conn, Selmer, Buffet, LeBlanc, Vito, Gemeinhardt, Emerson, Pearl, Armstrong, Bach, Holton, King, Bundy and Jupiter.

I found a great deal on E-bay, should I make a bid?

If the price of an instrument on E-bay seems to be too good to be true then it probably is not a good choice. Purchasing a used instrument from an unfamiliar source can be very risky and you may end up with an instrument that is not in working condition and will require costly repairs. Local instrumental music stores can be a great place to look for used instruments at a fair price.

Does it cost money to participate in band?

There is no fee for participating in the band classes but families must provide their student with an instrument, music book, and music accessories. Private lessons are recommended but not required.

Where can I rent an instrument and purchase the necessary supplies for my child?

We’ve included a list of recommended local music stores.

When are the lessons held?

Band lessons are held twice a week during the regular school day for 40 minutes. The exact time depends on the school. You will receive the band schedule in September which will include the days and times that band will be held.

How long is the program and are there performances?

The Band Program is a year long commitment. Various performances will be held throughout the year. We always have a Spring concert but other performances /band activities will be occur throughout the year.

Will my child miss important core lessons?

Classroom teachers are not supposed to introduce new material in the classroom during band lessons. However, it is sometimes unavoidable to do so and many teachers will make accommodations (such as helping them catch up during silent reading time, working with them in math clubs after school, setting them up with peer tutors) for band students to help them out. The band lessons are also occasionally cut short or cancelled to accommodate for testing, field trips, or other activities that are more difficult to schedule around.

Does my child need to have experience playing an instrument?

No! We welcome all interested musicians regardless of previous experience. Come join the fun!

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Buchen at ebuchen@rbusd.org or Mrs. Zoetewey at yzoetewey@rbusd.org .
Dear Band Parents/Guardians and Students,

We will be providing extra support during a lunch period, break or before school during the week for students who need additional help. We will be asking groups of students to work with us to catch up on some of the skills that they need to know in order to have the best experience in band. Please encourage your child to practice regularly.

In addition we will be starting an incentive program for students who want to be challenged. We will be awarding certificates based on the performance of specific tunes from their book. The student must complete the green certificate before going on to red etc…

Students may complete up to 3 pieces at any one time. Students will be given their certificate during band after they have successfully completed the requirements. The incentive program will end two weeks before the last scheduled band day.

Green Certificate- a student will successfully play the following: numbers 20, 27, 34, 40, 47

Red Certificate- a student will successfully play the following: numbers 54, 59, 65, 72, 78

Blue Certificate- a student will successfully play the following: numbers 85, 92, 99, 105, 110

Gold Certificate- a student will successfully play the following: numbers 116, 122, 128, 134, 140

A medal will be given to the student who achieves all of the certificates.


Yvonne Zoetewey and Eric Buchen


Band Sign-up
District Instrument Loan Request due Friday, September 15


Your child needs to bring his/her instrument to school on the following days:

Alta Vista - Tuesday & Friday

Beryl - Monday & Thursday

Birney - Tuesday & Friday

Jefferson - Monday & Thursday

Lincoln - Tuesday & Thursday

Madison - Monday & Wednesday

Tulita - Wednesday & Friday

Washington - Tuesday & Thursday