TK-K Waiver - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




What are the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health TK-2 waiver details?

The LACDPH Grade TK-2 waiver process encourages both private and public schools, who are prepared to safely bring students back to in-person instruction, to apply for permission to do so. The waiver process still prioritizes schools with the highest percentage of approved “free and reduced” meal students (RBUSD’s percentages range from 4%-15%) and continues to only allow for six (6) schools each week to be considered by the District 4 Supervisor of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.  As a reminder, we have eight (8) elementary schools in RBUSD.

What does it mean now that the Redondo Beach Unified School District has applied for the waiver?

This process will allow us to "get in line" and hopefully return our TK-2 students to in-person classroom instruction as soon as possible.  The current acceptance criteria in Los Angeles County is limited to only 30 school site waiver applications accepted per week (six (6) school sites per District of LA County). Again, priority of acceptance is currently given to school districts with a high percentage of approved “free and reduced” meal applications.  Unfortunately, due to these limiting restrictions, there may be a delay in the TK-2nd grade waivers for all eight (8) of our elementary schools to receive approval from LACDPH.  Should waivers be approved for our elementary schools, RBUSD will communicate our projected reopening date, provide detailed plans, schedules, and hold a TK-2 Town Hall to address any question and/or concerns.

What  supporting documents were required by the LACDPH as part of the application process?

As part of the application process to be considered for the waiver, RBUSD was required to confer with our labor unions, confer with parents, and gather stakeholder input. In addition, we also collaborated with the Beach Cities Health District. All eight (8) elementary schools also completed the LACDPH reopening protocol checklist.

How do the LACDPH reopening protocols for the TK-2 waiver relate to the protocols used for the return of in-person services for vulnerable populations?

As part of the reopening plan for vulnerable populations, the LACDPH conducted site visits for all eight (8) elementary schools. At the conclusion of their visits, the LACDPH deemed that each site was safe for the return of in-person services.  LACDPH will follow the same site visit protocols to approve TK-2 waiver requests and the re-opening of grades TK-2. When we return to in-person instruction, we will continue to adhere to all LACDPH safety protocols and guidelines.

Why aren’t grades 3-12 included in the waiver process?

The LACDPH makes this decision, not RBUSD. For more information, visit

Will the Child Development Center (CDC) be available to TK-2 students returning to in-person classroom instruction?

TK-2 students currently attending CDC can choose to attend 5 full days (CDC only) or full days (2-3 days per week) when not attending elementary school. Given the LACDPH guidelines around cohorts, no after school care will be available on the days in which students attend school for in-person instruction. CDC will continue to offer currently enrolled students in grades 3-5 a full day option, five days per week.

What about outdoor classrooms?

Six months ago, this was an idea we investigated.  We determined there were too many barriers to make this a large-scale viable solution.  In an ideal world, we would double the number of teaching settings available and provide small classroom size instruction.  In reality, we would need double the number of staff to teach our students.  There is neither the budget nor teacher availability for that.  The District has already utilized all of the federal and state COVID 19 funding and there is not an abundance of highly qualified teachers out there waiting to be hired.  Schools and teachers WILL be encouraged to utilize outdoor spaces on their campuses, as weather and other conditions permit, to provide safe distance learning opportunities.


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