RBUSD COVID-19 Updates

July 10, 2020

Parent/Guardian and Team RBUSD:

We hope you and your family are well.

By now you have likely read or heard the news that positive COVID-19 cases in LA County, and nearly half of the counties in California, are increasing. This significant increase includes COVID-19-related hospitalizations. On Tuesday afternoon of this week, many LA County educational leaders were on a conference call with Dr. Ferrer and her team from the LA County Department of Public Health. She painted a grim picture regarding this data. She made it clear that if the COVID-19 data does not show signs of a flattening curve over the next few weeks, LA County school districts may be directed to reconsider our school site reopening plans, at least for a period of time.

The RBUSD Family Readiness Survey #2 provided us excellent information. Close to 80% of our families were comfortable with a hybrid instructional model (part-time in class and part-time virtual). Approximately 16% of our families preferred the full-time online learning instructional model, with about 5% of the families still undecided.

The concerns raised by LACDPH are real. The parent feedback we have received is also real and has been heard. Our goal continues to focus on bringing our students and staff safely back to school campuses. Therefore, Team RBUSD continues to plan for a hybrid instructional model in order to ensure student and staff safety, and the option of a full-time online learning model. To be clear, we are elevating the engagement, live experiences, rigor, schedules, and student connections for each of these models. Too, we will meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations. You will hear more about this in the next few weeks.

Based on the guidance of the LA County Department of Education and the LACDPH, the RBUSD Reopening Think Tank will continue its work to provide a hybrid and online learning model for our Board of Education to consider at the July 21 Board meeting, including our plan for a modified town hall opportunity. We will continue to communicate these plans with you.

This “return to school process” changes daily. As we have shared too many times already, agility will be the key as we move forward. Thank you for your patience and care.


Steven E. Keller, Ed.D.
Proud Superintendent of Schools
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