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What is open enrollment? 
Open enrollment season is a period of time each school year when RBUSD employees may elect or change their benefit options. During open enrollment, employees may change their medical, dental, or vision plans, add or drop dependents, adjust their life insurance, etc. Below you will find updated information about the many benefits options RBUSD has to offer. Open Enrollment is June 1, 2021, through August 23, 2021. Any benefit changes elected during open enrollment will take effect on October 1, 2021.
Do I have to make changes during open enrollment?
No, you do not have to make changes. If you are a current RBUSD employee and happy with all of your benefit selections, you do not need to do anything. All of your benefits will roll over, as they are, October 1, 2021, for the 2021-2022 school year.
Can I make changes to my benefits after open enrollment?
Open enrollment is the only time that an employee can make changes to their benefit plans, no questions asked. After open enrollment, an employee must have a qualifying event, i.e., marriage, the birth of a child, etc., to change dependent information or opt into benefit coverage. Please reach out to RBUSD's HR Coordinator, Gina Zbikowski, if you have questions about making changes outside the open enrollment window.
Do I have to have enroll in benefits as an RBUSD employee?
If you are a certificated employee working 40% FTE or more, or a classified employee working 4 or more hours per day, you can enroll in benefits through RBUSD. If you are a certificated employee working 90% FTE or more, or a classified employee working 7+ hours per day, you must, at a minimum, enroll in a dental and vision plan. This rule is part of our agreement with SISC. *Please note: if you were hired before October 1, 2020, and you have never enrolled in benefits through RBUSD, then you do not need to enroll, regardless of the hours you work.
Glossary of common benefit terms
If you are new to benefits / open enrollment, or you want a refresher, it may be helpful to review this Glossary of Common Benefit Terminology
2021-2022 Rates Sheets

Please review the tentative rate sheets for the 2021-2022 benefit year. We are happy to share that benefit rate increases were very minimal this year! Rate Sheets are subject to change following negotiations. 


Classified Employee Rate Sheet
Learn More About Benefit Options
Blue Shield (Medical Insurance)
Blue Shield 65 Plus (Retiree 65+) - Available July 2021
Kaiser (Medical Insurance)
CompanionCare (Medical Insurance)
Delta Dental 
VSP (Vision Insurance) 
Voluntary Life and AD&D Insurance (Lincoln Financial)
RBUSD Employees that qualify for health benefits also receive employer paid life insurance and Long-term disability (C1 - Certificated, classified, and adult education, C2 - Confidential employees, management, and board members). You may choose to elect additional coverage for yourself, spouse or dependents. Below is information about coverage covered by RBUSD and Voluntary coverage you have the option to elect. 
Flexible Spending
More information available August 1, 2021
Enrollment Forms for Medical, Dental and Vision
(Please download forms AND open in Adobe Acrobat to complete - All forms are formatted as fillable PDF's and allow an e-signature!)
 Please use this if you are are enrolling in Blue Shield and/or Delta Dental, and VSP for the 1st time; or changing from Kaiser to Blue Shield coverage
*Please include medical, dental, and/or vision plan number on form. This can be found on rates sheets*
This form is used to drop coverage for the employee only
 Please use this if you are are enrolling in Kaiser and/or Delta Dental, and VSP for the 1st time; or changing from Blue Shield to Kaiser coverage
Use this form if you wish to drop a dependent from current coverage, or add a dependent to your current coverage.
Use this form if you are enrolling on Delta Dental or VSP for the first time
*Please include dental, and/or vision plan number on form. This can be found on rates sheets*
(Employees can use this or a recent tax return)
Use this form if you are keeping the same carrier, but changing plans within the same carrier. Example: Changing from Blue Shield Trio to Blue Shield SaveNet
All new retirees opting to continue coverage with RBUSD/SISC will be asked to complete an enrollment form. If you are a retiree that is changing carriers (i.e. Blue Shield to Kaiser), please also submit the appropriate carrier enrollment form. 
Enrollment Forms for Lincoln Financial Voluntary Coverage 
Use this form to enroll in additional voluntary coverage for yourself, spouse, or dependents
Use this to update your designated recipient for life insurance 
LFG will sometimes require use of this form, depending on the amount of coverage requested 
Use this form if you currently have voluntary coverage, but wish to cancel
*All forms are fillable PDF's, but require an official e-signature or ink signature. 1) To submit with an e-signature, download and open with Adobe Acrobrat, complete and save.  2) To complete with a ink signature, download the form, print, and sign. All forms can be submitted online and sent to Human Resources using the link above. If you prefer, you may submit your hardcopy forms to the Human Resources office at Attention: Open enrollment*