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AUGUST 7 - 23, 2023
What is open enrollment? 
Open enrollment season is a period of time each school year when RBUSD employees may elect or change their benefit options. During open enrollment, employees may change/elect their medical, dental, vision and voluntary benefit plans (VOYA products). You can also add or drop dependents without a qualifying life event. Below you will find updated information about the many benefits options RBUSD has to offer. Open Enrollment is Monday August 7, 2023, through Wednesday August 23, 2023.
Please Note: Any benefit changes elected during open enrollment will take effect on October 1, 2023.
Do I have to participate in open enrollment?
Maybe. This year, we are hosting a passive open enrollment. This means, participation is optional. You only need to participate if you wish to make a change. If you do nothing, all of your current enrollments will remain the same. We encourage everyone to login to the benefits portal and review your current enrollments. 
How do I participate in open enrollment?
For active employees, open enrollment will be completed online through our Health Benefits Portal! 
Login online and complete open enrollment independently through self-enrollment (directions below)
Benefit Portal (Selerix/Benselect) instructions:
     Username: SSN (with or without dashes)
     Password/PIN: Last 4 digits of your SSN + last 2 digits of your birth year.


How do I know if I am a benefit eligible employee?
You are considered a benefit eligible employee if you are certificated working 50% FTE or more, or classified working 20+ hours per week.
Do I have to have enroll in benefits as an RBUSD employee?
If you are a certificated employee working 50% FTE or more, or a classified employee working 4 or more hours per day, you can enroll in benefits through RBUSD. If you are a certificated employee working 90% FTE or more, or a classified employee working 7+ hours per day, you must, at a minimum, enroll in a dental and vision plan. This rule is part of our agreement with SISC.
Please note: if you were hired before October 1, 2020, and you have never enrolled in benefits through RBUSD, then you do not need to enroll, regardless of the hours you work.
Can I make changes to my benefits after open enrollment?
Open enrollment is the only time that an employee can make changes to their benefit plans, no questions asked. After open enrollment, an employee must have a qualifying event, i.e., marriage, the birth of a child, etc., to change dependent information, opt into or out of benefit coverage. Please reach out to RBUSD's Benefits and Disability Specialist, Simona Tange, if you have questions about making changes outside of the open enrollment window.
When are open enrollment changes effective? 
October 1st, 2023. Please see our benefits start date flyer
I want to add my spouse or dependent children to benefits during open enrollment, what do I need to submit?
Dependent documentation is always required. Please review the Guide of Required Dependent Documentation. 
Can I sign-up or renew my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and/or dependent care during open enrollment?
Not during our August open enrollment. Flexible spending will follow a traditional plan year calendar, January - December. A separate open enrollment for flex spending and dependent care accounts only, will be held in November 2023. 
Glossary of common benefit terms:
If you are new to benefits / open enrollment, or you want a refresher, it may be helpful to review this Glossary of Common Benefit Terminology
2023-2024 Rates Sheets

Tentative rate sheets for the 2023-2024 benefit year will be posted soon! Rate Sheets posted are pending union negotiations and board approval. 


Voluntary Benefit - Life and AD&D Insurance 
RBUSD Employees that qualify for health benefits also receive employer paid life insurance and Long-term disability through VOYA. You may choose to elect additional life insurance coverage for yourself, spouse or dependents. New hires may elect up to $250,000 or 5x your salary (whichever is met first) without evidence of insurability for the employee. Current employees may increase their life insurance in increments of $10,000, up to $250,000 or 5x your salary (whichever is met first). Evidence of insurability may be required if requesting more than the guaranteed issue amount. Supplemental/voluntary life insurance is also available for your spouse and child dependents. 
Voluntary Benefit - Supplemental Life Insurance 
Voluntary Benefit - Critical Illness Insurance
Voluntary Benefit - Accident Insurance 
Voluntary Benefit - Short-Term Disability Insurance 
Voluntary Benefit - Flexible Spending (P&A Group)
Unlike our other benefits, flexible spending will follow a traditional plan year calendar, January - December. A separate open enrollment for flex spending and dependent care accounts will be held in November 2023.