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Assembly Bill 130

On August 18, 2021 the Redondo Beach Unified School District will return to full-time, in-person instruction at all school sites; however, per the California Department of Education Assembly Bill 130 (AB 130), families with unique circumstances will have an Independent Study Program (ISP) option  available to them in the 21-22 school year due to COVID-19. See below clarifying information regarding AB 130:


What is Independent Study?

Independent Study, per the California Department of Education Assembly Bill 130 (AB 130), requires us to provide an alternative to in-person classroom instruction for students/families with unique needs and circumstances during the 2021-2022 school year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The IS program will take place via SchoolsPLP and APEX. An Independent Study Program teacher will oversee the online platforms. The asynchronous and synchronous (ex. Zoom) sessions will vary by grade level. The ISP teacher will assist with, for example, tutoring, regular check-ins, and course management. We ask families to commit to a full year if choosing ISP. 


Is Independent Study the same as the distance learning/hybrid programs from last year? 

No, Independent Study, required under AB 130, will be different. It is intended for students/families with unique needs/circumstances (ex. medical condition(s)) which may preclude them from attending on-campus learning for the time being. Students will not be able to participate in on-campus activities, such as athletics, if enrolled in Independent Study. The program is best suited for students who work well independently and require significantly less instructional support as compared to on-campus learning. 


Click HERE for an infographic that provides further information.  Additionally, an informational meeting was held for interested parents on Wednesday, August 4th. You will find the presentation HERE. To assist with scheduling, parents are asked to complete the Google Form by Monday, August 9th to indicate their family’s decision to participate in ISP. If they choose in-person learning, there is no further action required, and they should complete the normal registration process at their school sites.


If you have additional questions regarding AB 130, please contact Mr. Jens Brandt, RBUSD Principal of Alternative Education & Director of Instructional Support, at [email protected].