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Facility Use

The RBUSD Board of Education recognizes District facilities and grounds are a community resource and authorizes their use by community groups for purposes outlined in California Education Code Section 38130, known as the Civic Center Act, and RBUSD Board Policy 1330 when such use does not interfere with school activities. School-related activities will have priority in the use of District facilities under the Civic Center Act. Thereafter, facility use shall be on a first come, first served basis.
  • Give yourself ample time. Allow at least 10 days to process your facilities request.
  • Be clear on the desired facility and desired schedule.

Redondo Beach Unified School District is pleased to announce a new online facility request and rental system designed to provide a positive user experience for all. With the new system, reservation requests can be submitted easily and will be handled more efficiently. Renters will be able to access photos and descriptions, see real-time availability, get estimated quotes and pay online.

In partnering with Facilitron, Redondo Beach Unified School District has launched custom facility use sites for the district and each school – allowing facility use requests to be submitted at any time. You can view and request all district facilities at:


Although the process of requesting/approval/management of facility use is now digital, what’s implemented on Facilitron, remains the same as dictated by Redondo Beach Unified School District’s board policies on facility use.  The district’s administrative staff makes final decisions on all facility use requests.  


Facilitron will assist with the set-up of organization and user accounts along with verification of non-profit status (if applicable). Facilitron will also collect payment and proof of insurance (certificate of insurance) on Redondo Beach Unified School District’s behalf.  Payments can be submitted conveniently on Facilitron. Payment options include major credit cards, checks, ACH/eCheck, and Paypal. Proof of insurance (certificate of insurance) can also be conveniently uploaded into the system, and/or it can be obtained directly through Facilitron.

The new Facilitron system is now live for all sites.  Moving forward, the only way to request use of a district facility is by creating a Facilitron account and submitting a request online. Please click HERE for an introduction to placing a request. For those who had reservations with Redondo Beach Unified School District prior to Facilitron, accounts have already been created on your behalf, and an automated email has been sent to you to create a password to access your renter account.  If you need any assistance setting up an account and/or in submitting a facility use request, you can contact Facilitron directly at: [email protected], or by calling them at: 800-272-2962 ext 1


RBUSD desires to promote positive relationships between the schools and community organizations. Just as community organizations can build support for the schools, the schools can cooperate with these groups under certain circumstances by publicizing services, special events and public meetings of interest to students and parents.

Banners are only permitted for vendors who have been approved by RBUSD for facility use on a specific school site. Please follow the procedures listed under “Facility Use Request.”
Instructions for submitting a Banner application:
  • Complete the Banner Permit Application and return to Andrew Riggle at [email protected] or fax request to 310-798-8610.
  • If you want to hang a banner at multiple schools, please submit one (1) form for each school site. Please keep in mind that you must have an approved facilities request at that school site in order to hang a banner.
  • Once the banner application is approved, both the applicant and the school site(s) will be notified.
  • The banner approval is a temporary permit for 30 days. After 30 days, the banner will be promptly removed.

You are required to contact the site(s) to confirm banner placement. Each site has specific areas where banners can be placed. If banners are placed in an unauthorized or unapproved area, they will be removed without notification.