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August 26, 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Thank you for your support as we welcomed (y)our students back to campus. This could not have occurred without a tremendous amount of hard work from our teachers, staff, and parents. At this time, about 100 students opted for the Independent Study Program with approximately 9,500 students attending in-person learning.

We thank every RBUSD staff member for his/her dedication to ensuring a successful and safe return to in-person learning. If you have a moment to thank staff members, please do so. They can never hear or read this enough.

With the vast majority of our students returning to on-campus learning, as anticipated, positive COVID-19 cases have increased and the strength of the Delta variant is a significant factor. Similar increases are reported across other districts who started in early to mid-August. During our spring 2021 return-to-campus, only one-third to one-half of our students were on campus at the same time compared to our current full return. Now more than ever, we need families’ help to keep our campuses safe by strictly following the health screening protocol each morning before your child(ren) leave to school.

Over the last week, we have received several parent requests to make masks indoors optional. Conversely, we have received several parent requests to require universal or cadence COVID testing for students. Clearly, we have parents who want less COVID restrictions and parents who want more COVID restrictions. We hear you, but would like to remind you that we are mandated to follow Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidance and protocols. We will also remain agile when there are changes.

If you have a high school student in athletics, you recently received information from RUHS regarding LACDPH testing requirements, specifically for youth sports. We received this information on Friday night and are working closely with Beach Cities Health District to coordinate timely COVID testing. You will receive more information from Team RUHS this week and next. Thank you to our student-athletes and parents for making the pivot with us. None of this is easy.

If you wish to learn more about all of RBUSD’s safety protocols, here is a link to the letter I sent to you on August 13, 2021. As you can see, we take this work very seriously and are relentlessly updating and improving our processes.

If you wish to learn more about the mask requirement, please click this link from the most recent update from the California Department of Public Health: CDPH Requirement for Universal Masking Indoors at K-12 Schools.

Your teacher(s), your principal, and your district office leaders are here for your questions. We pride ourselves in our timely responses.

Steven E. Keller, Ed.D.
Proud Superintendent of Schools
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