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Option #1: Hybrid/Distance Learning

For the 2020-2021 school year, Redondo Beach Unified Schools District will be reopening under a Hybrid Learning Model. Due to the Governor's orders on July 17, 2020, the Hybrid Learning Model will operate under full distance (at-home) learning until school campuses are permitted to reopen following (Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) guidelines. 
The RBUSD Hybrid/Distance Learning Model includes:
  •  A phased approach which begins with Distance Learning and eventually phases into a hybrid, blended program. Hybrid is a blend of face-to-face instruction on campus as allowed by county guidelines with part-time distance, at home learning (remote instruction from classroom teacher). 
  • Daily schedule for students, live morning meetings with classroom teacher, live/pre-recorded direct instruction from classroom teachers.
  • Daily student engagement, social/emotional lessons, and student-teacher connection.
  • Daily required attendance & participation.
  • Tradition grading.
  • Dedicated tutorial and intervention time.


RBUSD Hybrid Learning/Distance Learning Model


Student Expectations:

Organize: Create a dedicated space for learning, away from distractions. Your device should be charged nightly and ready for use. Use a calendar and task lists to organize classes and assignments.
Attendance: Attend school daily and on time. You are expected to attend 5 days per week, log in at assigned times, and complete all assignments. Students will be expected to log in at the start of each day or class for attendance taking, check in, and instructions for the day.
Participation: Be present. Be presentable. Be respectful. Have your device video turned on and ready to appropriately, and actively engage in class sessions. Read, watch, or listen to the directions and work carefully. Seek help when needed. Demonstrate online learning etiquette and be respectful to all in the class.
Work Completion: Submit completed assignments for both in-person and distance learning by the established deadline. If you are having difficulty submitting, let your teacher know.
Honesty: Follow the Code of Conduct as outlined in the RBUSD Parent/Student handbook and do not engage in plagiarism or cheating. Use technology devices as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy. Never record lessons or take unauthorized photos without the teacher’s written permission.
Communicate & Advocate: Utilize daily the RBUSD provided student email accounts for all teacher-student-school communications. Examine feedback you receive and ask questions. Reach out to your teachers if you need help or are overwhelmed. Notify your teacher(s) of any technical issue immediately.


Parent Expectations:

Connectivity: Provide internet access for daily student use. RBUSD will assist if needed. Help remind your child to charge their RBUSD device nightly. Report connectivity issues as soon as possible. Primary students may need support logging on, signing into video conferencing, or accessing learning platforms.
Organization: Establish routines and expectations, including normal bedtime routines and periodic breaks. Begin and end each day with a check in to help your child organize themselves and set priorities.
Attendance: Support your child’s daily and on-time virtual attendance and participation expectations. Support 5-day per week, full-day learning expectations for students.
Learning: Support and monitor your student’s daily learning and work completion expectations. Monitor your child’s progress using the Parent Portal (6-12) or SchoolsPLP.
Communication: Complete online re-registration and maintain accurate information in PowerSchool. Check emails regularly for school and teacher communication. Reach out to your child’s teacher/counselor first with any concerns that may arise or as soon as it becomes apparent your child is struggling. School site administration should be the second contact as necessary. Understand that teachers will be actively working with students throughout the school day or collaborating, and should be provided with a minimum of 24 hours to respond to concerns and questions.


Teacher/School Expectations:

Schedule: Establish daily and weekly schedules and routines for all students and over communicate.
Communication: Communicate regularly with students and parents using RBUSD student emails, parent emails in PowerSchool, RBUSD website, and our learning management system (LMS). Make every effort to respond to student/family emails/phone calls within 24 hours.
Attendance: Monitor daily attendance and participation for all students. Reach out when a student is disconnected. Refer disengaged students to the counselor when your attempts have been unsuccessful.
Instruction: Provide daily, live virtual or recorded instruction for all students. Provide asynchronous work, as needed, for all students along with active experiences. Utilize Google Classroom (K-5) or Schoology (6-12) as a consistent learning platform.
Monitoring and Intervention: Monitor student progress and work completion, and provide additional intervention and remediation opportunities for students to master essential content. Prompt teacher communication with parents around student progress concerns.