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Reopening Think Tank Committee


Reopening School Classrooms and Child Development Centers Think Tank


Purpose: The purpose of the think tank is to prepare for the eventual reopening of schools and child development centers. By providing facilitated weekly meetings by the Superintendent of Schools, Redondo Beach Unified School District remains committed, collaborative, and proactive in evaluating all conditions and circumstances to safely and successfully reopen schools and CDC with support of all District stakeholders. The think tank membership, following the guidance of Federal, State, and Local officials, will participate in ongoing input and discourse for reopening preparations. The information and input provided from the think tank will be shared with the entire Board of Education. 


Members will consider and evaluate

  1. student and staff health and wellbeing impact,
  2. educational program continuity,
  3. partial, hybrid, or phased opening considerations,
  4. fiscal, budgetary, and structural constraints, 
  5. neighboring district trends,
  6. LA County Office of Education & California Department of Education recommendations


Think Tank Members:

  • Steven Keller, Superintendent – 4th Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Annette Alpern, Deputy Superintendent – 10th Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Nicole Wesley, Assistant Superintendent – 5th Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Susan Wildes, Assistant Superintendent
  • Anthony Taranto, Executive Director – 1st Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Derek Kinsey, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jessica Silberling, Executive Director of Special Education – 8th & 11th Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Jens Brandt, RUHS Principal
  • Lisa Veal, Adams Principal
  • Heather Cash, Madison Principal
  • Karen Mohr, Beryl Heights Principal
  • Theresa Van Dusen, CDC Director
  • Laura Franco-Gallardo, M & O Assistant Director
  • Monica Joyce, RBTA President
  • Sarah Robinson, RBTA Bargaining Chair
  • Julia Henrich, CSEA President
  • Sharon Medina, AFT President – 10th Grade RBUSD Parent 
  • Kimberly Quihuis, RB PTA Council President – 8th & 11th Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Hanh Archer, RBEF President – 5th & 10th Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Keith Kauffman, Chief of RB Police – 12th Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Shannon Sneed, RB Community Services Supervisor – 10th Grade RBUSD Parent
  • Tom Bakaly, Chief Executive Officer & Ali Steward, Director of Youth Services, BCHD
  • Ricardo Gallegos, Executive Assistant to Board of Education/Superintendent
  • Dr. Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA, and UCLA Medicine-Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine
  • 1-2 Board of Education members may attend the meeting


Remote Meeting Schedule via WebEx:  Thursdays at 3:00 p.m., 90 minute Meetings
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