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Option #2: 100% Online Learning (SchoolsPLP)

Parents have the option of enrolling their child in Option 2: 100% Online Learning. This may be done if there is a medical need for the student, a health need for someone in the household, or based on parent preference. Under this model, students receive primary instruction via a digital curriculum platform, SchoolsPLP. Students remain enrolled in their home school, however they will be in a virtual  “class” with students across the district and with a RBUSD online teacher.  This teacher may not be a teacher from your student’s home school, but will be a RBUSD credentialed teacher.
Option #2: 100% Online Learning includes:
  • Full-time enrollment in courses with primary instruction using the SchoolsPLP delivery platform and approved course curriculum.
  • Students work and learn more independently.
  • Program & social/emotional monitoring by RBUSD teacher with limited direct instruction.
  • Daily schedule to be developed alongside Online Teacher.
  • Daily required attendance & participation.
  • Tradition grading with assessments through the SchoolsPLP platform.
  • Intervention support as needed.
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