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For questions about other issues related to distance learning contact:


RBUSD District Office
Ms. Lee Lee Chou, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, lchou@rbusd.org
Ms. Susan Wildes, Executive Director of Educational Services, swildes@rbusd.org
Ms. Jessica Silberling, Executive Director of Special Education, jsilberling@rbusd.org
Ms. Theresa Van Dusen, Program Director Child Development, tvandusen@rbusd.org
Dr. Anthony Taranto, Executive Director of Student Services, ataranto@rbusd.org

Elementary Schools
Dr. Dale Hillyer, Principal of Alta Vista Elementary, dhillyer@rbusd.org
Ms. Karen Mohr, Principal of Beryl Elementary, kmohr@rbusd.org
Ms. Mira Baskaron, Principal of Birney Elementary, mbaskaron@rbusd.org
Mr. Jeff Winckler, Principal of Jefferson Elementary, jwinckler@rbusd.org
Dr. Jason Johnson, Principal of Lincoln Elementary, jjohnson@rbusd.org
Dr. Heather Cash, Principal of Madison Elementary, hcash@rbusd.org
Dr. Tanaz Bruna, Principal of Tulita Elementary, tbruna@rbusd.org
Ms. Andrea Bittick, Principal of Washington Elementary, abittick@rbusd.org

Middle Schools
Ms. Lisa Veal, Principal of Adams Middle School, lveal@rbusd.org
Mr. Jonathan Erickson, Principal of Parras Middle School, jerickson@rbusd.org

High Schools
Mr. Anthony Bridi, Principal of Patricia Dreizler Continuation High School, abridi@rbusd.org
Mr. Jens Brandt, Principal of Redondo Union High School, jbrandt@rbusd.org

Community Day School
Mr. Anthony Bridi, Principal of the Redondo Beach Learning Academy, abridi@rbusd.org

Adult School
Mr. Drew Gamet, Director of South Bay Adult School, agamet@rbusd.org