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Contact Information



For questions about …


A course, assignment, or resource

Your child’s teacher(s)

A technology-related problem or issues

Your child’s teacher. (Elementary)

Your school librarian. (Secondary)

A personal concern regarding your child

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For questions about other issues related to distance learning contact:


RBUSD District Office
Dr. Susan Wildes, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, swildes@rbusd.org
TBD, Executive Director of Educational Services, TBD
Dr. Anthony Taranto, Executive Director of Student Services, ataranto@rbusd.org
Ms. Jessica Silberling, Executive Director of Special Education, jsilberling@rbusd.org
Ms. Theresa Van Dusen, Program Director Child Development, tvandusen@rbusd.org

Elementary Schools
Ms. Karin Sato, Principal of Alta Vista Elementary, ksato@rbusd.org
Ms. Karen Mohr, Principal of Beryl Elementary, kmohr@rbusd.org
Ms. Mira Baskaron, Principal of Birney Elementary, mbaskaron@rbusd.org
Mr. Jeff Winckler, Principal of Jefferson Elementary, jwinckler@rbusd.org
Ms. Brianne Nakayama, Principal of Lincoln Elementary, bnakayama@rbusd.org
Dr. Heather Cash, Principal of Madison Elementary, hcash@rbusd.org
Dr. Tanaz Bruna, Principal of Tulita Elementary, tbruna@rbusd.org
Ms. Andrea Bittick, Principal of Washington Elementary, abittick@rbusd.org

Middle Schools
Ms. Lisa Veal, Principal of Adams Middle School, lveal@rbusd.org
Mr. Jonathan Erickson, Principal of Parras Middle School, jerickson@rbusd.org

High Schools
Mr. Anthony Bridi, Principal of Patricia Dreizler Continuation High School, abridi@rbusd.org
Mr. Jens Brandt, Principal of Redondo Union High School, jbrandt@rbusd.org

Community Day School
Mr. Anthony Bridi, Principal of the Redondo Beach Learning Academy, abridi@rbusd.org

Adult School
Mr. Drew Gamet, Director of South Bay Adult School, agamet@rbusd.org

We encourage you to review the FAQ page for up to date COVID-19, Reopening Plan, and Distance Learning information at
To ask specific questions regarding your child's education, please contact your school principal.
If you wish to provide the District with feedback or ask a specific question, please click on the link below that best relates to your feedback and/or question. Thank you!