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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What if we do not want to return our student(s) on the 14th and would rather wait until January 4, 2021 to return to school?

Parents can choose to have their student(s) return to in-person instruction or not AND keep their child’s same teacher. This is a revision to Option 1. Learn more at www.rbusd.org


What steps will be taken if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19?

We follow the directives from LACDPH regarding COVID exposure. Any person deemed exposed will be contacted and given a letter with language given to us by LACDPH from our district nurses. The larger community will be notified via email but priority contact will be to those directly exposed. Any confirmed case that has impacted a site will also be reported on the district website via the COVID dashboard, which is currently active.  


What type of air filters are being used in RBUSD??

Our HVAC systems are upgraded with what the CDC recommends as the “gold standard”, MERV 13 filters.  However, fresh air is still the preferred method for air circulation, so we are recommending that our teachers keep windows and doors open as much as is practicable.


When will classrooms and restrooms be cleaned and sanitized? How or what product(s) will be used to do so?

Restrooms will be checked and cleaned at the top of every hour.  They will receive thorough cleaning every day.  Frequently touched surfaces within the classroom will be sanitized when students go on breaks, and then thorough cleaning every day after school hours.  

Staff utilize Super 60, a one-step, multi-purpose disinfectant and deodorizer cleaner.  They also use PC-30, which is a food-grade disinfectant, to sanitize non-hard surfaces.  Both products are EPA approved


How will meals be provided to students in the Hybrid Model?

The Child Nutrition Department has arranged to provide grab-and-go meals for all students attending school in person during the hybrid model.  They can take a grab-and-go meal as they leave the campus.  If students are enrolled in CDC, meals are provided to the CDC classrooms as well.  The school sites will continue to provide meals to students in all grade levels at RUHS, Adams, Madison and Alta Vista.


Will kids that are in CDC 5 days a week be provided after school care options on Hybrid days?

Yes, currently enrolled students can Attend CDC from 7:30am-4:00pm on the at-home learning day and after school is dismissed until 4:00pm on the in-person learning days.  On the in-person learning day, your student’s assigned elementary school teacher will dismiss students to move to their CDC location for the remainder of the day.  Lunch delivery will still occur five days per week.


Is CDC accepting new enrollments?

Space is limited but we do have space at some sites and will keep enrolling until we are full. If anyone is interested in our program they can reach out to cdcenrollment@rbusd.org or visit our website for more information.


What additional safety protocols have been set up at each site? 

Signage has been placed at all entrances and exits and throughout the campus with reminders about distancing, hand washing, and off limits equipment.  Six foot decals on the ground will be at every entrance.  Directional arrows are painted throughout the campus so that all students and staff follow pathways.  The intent is for one direction flow to occur and ensure no bottle-necking.


Can you describe what drop-off and pick-up will look  like?

This will depend on the site. Information will be shared by your school site principal, however, students will be socially distanced, screened, and enter classrooms where teachers will be waiting or some may meet them at the arrival gate. Depends on site. Look for more info coming from your principal. Parents will not be allowed on campus.


Distance Learning FAQs

Answer: Student safety and social-emotional wellbeing is our number one priority.  It is important to acknowledge that our students and families are in very different circumstances at this time; some safe at home, while others are reeling from economic distress and illnesses of loved ones. High levels of worry, anxiety, isolation and stress impact learning, and therefore distance learning must allow for flexibility, equity, and balance. One structure will not fit all of our students’ needs.


Our first goal was to transition all students and teachers into a new Distance Learning platform.  Once students and teachers transitioned, the next goal was to provide students continuity of instruction focused around the essential learnings necessary for advancement to the next grade/course. As students are separated from teachers and peers by new distances, providing them with meaningful feedback in their work is pivotal to continue to advance learning.

Answer: Each student and teacher’s home situation is different. We have close to 10,000 students and over 500 teachers in RBUSD. During this pandemic, we have had some families communicating the work load is overwhelming and too much, especially since they are still working. Simultaneously, we have had some families stating there is not enough academic rigor. In addition, students and teachers all have diverse proficiency levels around technology.  This complex process requires everybody to have a growth mindset on the new Distance Learning Program as each day presents new challenges. Brain-based research has shown that chunking information into smaller increments is more effective and beneficial for a student’s mastery of learning.  We are committed to providing our educational community flexibility, as it is based on pedagogical research as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics.  

Our model combines asynchronous instructional videos along with daily connections through teacher office hours to best meet the developmental needs of our students. Teachers are varying live instruction with digital resources, such as Flipgrid, Screencastify, and Google Classroom. Equity, access, appropriate screen time, and balance remain as top priorities. If you find that your child is not responding well to asynchronous learning AND the teacher is offering live sessions, have your student consider participating in a live session.

Answer: Yes, students will be moving onto the next grade level. Given the current circumstances, teachers will use ongoing assessments to inform teaching and instructional practices. Students will not be penalized for failing to participate during our Distance Learning Program. We are working on possible summer school options for supporting our struggling students and ESY students with an IEP. When we return to schools, teachers will take time to assess all students’ current levels to identify any areas of deficit that may exist and work to remediate and provide intervention as needed. 

Answer: Yes. We are continuously sharing resources on our district website. Our RBUSD counseling team has been supporting students and families daily.  As some students are dealing with anxiety, disappointment, and possibly some depression. They have mobilized to provide remote tele-therapy services to all K-12 students. Individual counseling services are being provided through remote counseling support. Please reach out to your school principals and or counselors.